Co-Director Prof Gina Awoko Higginbottom MBE is Co-author of the report

The NHS Race and Health Observatory, in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam and Nottingham University, has undertaken a comprehensive review of neonatal assessment and practice in Black, Asian, and minority ethnic newborns. Previous studies have shown that Black, Asian, and minority ethnic mothers and babies are more likely to experience adverse outcomes compared to their White counterparts. It is crucial that we understand how current care practices contribute to these disparities and make the necessary improvements to ensure the best chances of survival and a good quality of life for every baby.

The report we are sharing today represents a significant milestone in addressing neonatal care within the context of diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnic health inequalities. It delves into the unique challenges faced by Black, Asian, and minority ethnic newborns and offers valuable insights to improve assessment and care practices. The findings and recommendations within this report have the potential to drive policy changes and transform medical practices, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.”

But probably good to note the research was launched in the House of Commons on 11.7 and has received extensive media coverage

Prof Higginbottom gave four BBC radio interviews yesterday they can be found here:-

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