Professor Lisbeth Hockey, OBE, FRCN 1918-2004: An Appreciation

The Lisbeth Hockey papers: online catalogue –

On this page we commemorate and celebrate the life and works of Dr Lisbeth Hockey, one of the first community nursing researchers in the UK and the Director of the first Nursing Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh.
Dr Lisbeth Hockey was the founder of ICCHNR in the UK, she was inspired to take the work forward and develop the UK charity through her work with Professor Shirley Stinson from the University of Alberta, Canada where the 1st ICCHNR conference was inaugurated. Shirley Stinson remains a lifelong member of ICCHNR.
Dr Lisbeth Hockey was a role model and inspiration for all current and future generations of community nursing researchers, her life and works have been archived by the Royal College of Nursing/Queens Nursing Institute and can be accessed below: