ICCHNR statement of purpose:

The International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR) supports community nurses worldwide through its international network of nurse researchers, international conferences, fund raising activities and scholarships for community health care nursing research in Lower and Middle Income Countries to advance and share knowledge and evidence based practice of community health care nursing.

ICCHNR recognises that the term ‘community health nursing’ covers many specialities and roles in different countries across the globe. Our intention is to be as inclusive as possible, also knowing that the scope of specialist practice is huge and probably too many to mention. Thus, our definition of community health nursing includes any nursing role in clinical practice, education, research or management that falls outside of the hospital and focuses on individuals, families, carers and communities in the context of their daily lives. This broadly includes:

  • Home Care or District Nurse
  • Public Health Nurse or Health Visitor
  • School Nurse
  • Primary Care Nurse
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  • Specialist Practice Nurse (includes a wide range of medical conditions)
  • Community Childrens’ Nurse
  • Community Mental Health Nurse
  • Community Learning Disability Nurse
  • Prison Nurse
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Social Care Nurse


Barbara Stilwell


Professor Sally Kendall
Professor Gina Higginbottom

Registered charity no. 1197492
ICCHNR was registered as a charity in 1995 to achieve the following aims:

  • To demonstrate the value of community health care nursing research for improving the quality of health care.
  • To advance and share knowledge of community health care nursing practice through research.
  • To increase personal commitment by community nurses to evidence based practice.
  • To encourage the appropriate use of research for community nursing.
  • To promote awareness of the contribution of community health care nursing to healthy public policies and alliances.

ICCHNR was registered as a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2021 with the following objects:
a. To advance education for the benefit of the public concerning community health nursing with a view to improving the quality of such care for the benefit of the public.

b. To promote research into community health nursing and to disseminate the useful results of such research.