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Queen’s Nursing Institute(QNI)

ICCHNR is delighted that the Council of the Queen’s Nursing Institute(QNI) has recently agreed that they become an associate partner of ICCHNR. This will greatly add to our commitment to promote research and evidence based practice to community health nurses globally. ICCHNR welcomes the partnership with QNI and looks forward to supporting our common purposes.

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Letter of agreement

ICCHNR would like to give huge thanks to Professor Rosamund Bryar who has served ICCHNR as co-convenor since 1999. Professor Bryar has brought a wealth of experience and wisdom from her extensive work and research within community health nursing which has enabled ICCHNR to develop and support our aims and objectives successfully. Professor Bryar has now been elected to the role of honorary treasurer so we are very pleased to retain her services in this new capacity.
We are delighted to announce that Professor Patricia Wilson, University of Kent, UK has been elected as the in-coming co-convenor of ICCHNR. We congratulate and welcome Professor Wilson to her role in ICCHNR which she has supported as a Committee member for the past six years.
Professor Sally Kendall, co-convenor